CLEAN Reserve

The CLEAN Reserve Luncheon

I was always picky when it comes to fragrance. There are certain scents that really captures my fragrance preference. Over the years, I've used the same perfume because for me, your scent will be a part of people's memory of you. It was my first time to hear and know about CLEAN Perfume and it didn't disappoint me when I expected the scents to be so 'clean'.

CLEAN Perfume can be comfortably worn by everyone because of its rich, luxurious yet simple and fresh scent. What I love about CLEAN Perfume is that, the scents are not too over powering and complicated unlike some designer perfumes I've tried before.

CLEAN Reserve, the new line is now available. With its classic scents that will surely give everyone the clean and fresh feel for every spray. There are a total of nine scents offered by CLEAN, all of which have their own special story. They make sure to provide sustainability and eco friendly packaging to help the planet. Their dedication to help mother Earth makes them more interesting, from the packaging, to the raw ingredients, they also help the life of their farmers and the over all aesthetics and creation of each perfume. CLEAN Perfume is truly remarkable. You may visit here to know more about their eco conscious ways to produce their perfumes!

Bloggers and influencers also enjoyed the flower arrangement activity and I got to take home this cute jar of flowers that I picked out during the event.

For the classic, feminine & confident perfume, I suggest the scent Blonde Rose.

For the subtle, mysterious & earthy perfume, try Terra Woods or Velvet Flora. Both have a really subtle yet impressive scent.

To know more about the other scents, you may visit the CLEAN website.

My personal favorite is the scent called SKIN because of its crisp, vibrant and uplifting smell. My kind of perfume! :)

The Luncheon was held last Thursday, May 12, 2016 at Black Bird Restaurant in Makati City where female bloggers and influencers enjoyed a scrumptious meal.

You may also watch this Video Blog I made and see some clips during the CLEAN Reserve Luncheon along with other events I attended last Thursday! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Tesle Telan VLOGS
The video will be up tonight! I just got some copyright issues for the music I used. BOOHOOOOO!!! :(




  1. It looks like it was a very flowery event. I do love perfumes, I probably own more than 20 so far and my favorite one at the moment is La Vie est Belle from Lancome. I like subtitle scents that last the whole day.

  2. By everyone, does it mean that they have stuff for guys, too?
    Coz I've been switching to different perfumes and my current bottle is Encounter by Calvin Klein. I like it but people have told me that I have a scent of a dad. Haha
    Anyway, I hope they do because natural and breathy scents do entice me especially that I want to smell younger.


  3. I've been using Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste and Crystalline for years because I love the subtle scents of these too. You got me curious with CLEAN Reserve.

  4. I've been using a lot of fragrances but my fave is Clinique Happy Heart. I would want to know more about CLEAN Reserve and how we could avail of these :D

  5. What a fun event! The food looked amazing! I am always on the lookout for a "clean" scent and it is hard. So I like the concept of this fragrance. I like a more simple less overpowering scent.

  6. What a fun event! And the food looks delicious! I actually really like the CLEAN perfume called SKIN but I didn't know they made others! Blonde Rose sounds like it would be right up my alley!

  7. Looks like a fun event! My mom loves perfume. Me, not so much. I hope these scents are not overpowering :)

  8. I always like scents that are simple and clean--like you just stepped out of the shower. The brand seems to promise that, so it looks like one brand I will definitely try.

    Rachel Arandilla /

  9. Loveee this, dear! See you again soon! :*

  10. You got me here - "the scents are not too over powering and complicated unlike some designer perfumes". I like clean and fresh scents, too! I hope to try it! Will they get to have a physical store, too?

  11. My favorite perfume is Chanel. But Clean is such a great name for a brand. I love to simplify my life and clean and elegant things in it are so me. This is worth giving a try! I wished I could smell them too and try them out. xo Sabine