I've Gone Organic!

I have officially gone organic & vegan ever since my boyfriend had a week long flu and I had to feed him with healthy snacks. I have always been interested with how to make my life better and how to become a better person everyday. I was reading Bo Sanchez' self help book entitled how to change your life in 30 days and I figured I should really make an effort to stay healthy with a positive mind and heart.

I've been obsessed with veggies and I'm not really a picky eater ever since. :) I love Go Salads  because they're food are all natural and fresh. Of course my salad had steak on it for protein (or I just really love steak!) And I also fell in love with their breakfast smoothie which consists of the following ingredients:

Apple, banana, cinnamon, oats, coco sugar, chia seeds, greens & soy milk.

All the good stuff in my body! I feel so light and positive about this change. Though my plan is to never deprive myself and try to enjoy life as well so I can still eat the food that I'm craving for just as long as I limit myself and not eat "buffet style".

I hope you guys would support this new journey and I'm so excited to share my healthy food tips & tricks on the upcoming days! :)

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