My creative side with Mi-Pac

Dabble on your creative side with Mi-Pac!
The up and coming British label with proud roots, Mi-Pac only started as a humble range of bratpacks has grown to more than 300 design variations that are available in over 20-countries across 4 continents. This truly shows that Mi-Pac embodies creativity and fun! The brand makes sure that their core ethos of value for money, fashion forward design and good and study construction are translated with each and every piece they create.

I can still remember when I was in high school, I was really conscious about my clothes and overall style especially the bags I use because we had school uniforms and bags and shoes are the only things I can put style to somehow be a fashion forward kind of student. It was a tough time for me trying to find the perfect bag that matches my personality because back then, my mom would always buy me a bag that is sturdy and would last for years but not stylish or cool at all! The good thing about Mi-Pac is that it is a mix of trendy designs and made of good materials, perfect for everyone. 

Mi-Pac held a day of creative expression last May 19, 2016 at Bratpack UP Town Center. We got customized mini Mi-Pac bags with cute patches, quirky pins and personalized names! :) 

Mi-Pac is all about combining fashion & function, redefining the way we purchase the classic backpack. Mi-Pac makes sure to craft new, exciting and on trend designs each season that we are all excited about!!

For more details, visit Mi-Pac on Facebook & Instagram: (@mipacphilippines) #EnoughSaidwithMiPac #MIPACph

These cool Mi-Pac bags are available at select Bratpack and Lady Bag stores. The brand is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies - Asia's next retail giant.

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