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Spell & Cuddle Scrabble Pillow: Gift more, Cuddle more

Last night I was so exhausted from my client meeting (I expected it to be finished by noon but it ate my whole day. IMAGINE THAT) anyways I am soooo not complaining because they spoiled me with coffee and snacks. HEHE :p When I got home, our helper, the famous Yaya J (you'd know if you're following me on Snapchat: tesletee) told me that a package arrived and I instantly got excited!! I got FIVE cute pillows from Spell & Cuddle. I think they know how sleep deprived I've been lately so they sent me these pillow to keep me warm and cozy through the night. And it's so perfect because now everyone who goes inside my room/house would know the correct spelling of my name. Hahaha! :p

If you're interested about Spell & Cuddle, here's a few info about them! Spell & Cuddle Scrabble Pillow is a homegrown throw pillow decor that puts style, character, and warmth to any room in your home. It is locally designed, printed, produced and handcrafted; their handmade pillows truly adds an element of style and comfort to any home and gives a really cozy feeling to bed or couches.

They have two pillow variant, the first one is the classic Beige which resembles the color of classic wooden scrabble tiles. The pillowcase is made of soft but rich and highly durable polyester Asian silk fabric. And the second variant is the Ivory white which is made of a good quality canvas cloth that truly matches any home interior from rustic to shabby chic. Both kinds of pillow have pillow inserts that are filled with high grade ground foam and polyfill supplied by Uratex so it is really fluffy and will hold its shape even if you hug or cuddle the pillows. :) They also offer special characters like ampersand (&) and hearts for the quirky & artsy individuals out there.

You may select any letter you want because the Scrabble Pillows of Spell & Cuddle is really a popular personalized gift item. I'm planning to use it to spell my lover's name (GILES) and surprise him on our 27th Month-Anniversary.

These personalized scrabble pillows from Spell & Cuddle can be ordered through
and through their mobile numbers: 
+63 917 826 3538 
+632 364 7291

You may also reach them through email: scrabblepillow@gmail.com

You may also visit them at Poshmark Boutique, Timog, Quezon City

Good Night and don't let the bed bugs bite!




  1. Love love love! Thank you so much for writing about us, Tesle! Hoping to hear from you again soon <3

  2. Hi there, Spell and Cuddle Scrabble Pillows can now be order at www.speedregalo.com.ph.