Quick Update: Embrace Positivity


So yesterday, I had the privilege to mingle and roam around the Bridal & Debut Expo at SMX Aura. I've been extremely busy lately and if you're following me on Instagram, you'd see how many events I've gone to for the past weeks. I truly enjoy being out and about everyday and I really think that I was meant to do this kind of things because I always have a lot of fun! 

For today's quick update I just wanna share how I've been loving life lately and I hope you guys are too! No matter how busy we get, make sure to always take the time off and appreciate the little things. May it be a moment to embrace your loved ones, a moment to appreciate life's beauty and everything in between. Let us all embrace positivity. 

Quick Update:

Reading - How to change your life in 30 days by Bo Sanchez
Listening - Oh Wonder Playlist on Spotify
Watching - Grey's Anatomy (re) marathon
Eating - Cupcakes & cookies from event giveaways :p
Latest News - Will catch up on blog posts later, will work on a few collab with brands & more events coming up!

Samsung Camera NX 400
Sunnies from Sunnies Studios



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  1. I've also been watching Grey's Anatomy I love this show so much! I haven't watched last week's episode so I need to get on that.. Thank you for spreading much needed positive vibes! xxxxx