Ready for Summer Adventures with People Footwear


Been obsessed with my new Summer Adventure buddy, a pair of Senna in Sundae Pink with Yeti White from People Footwear.

Summer is always filled with fun memories and amazing moments that lasts a lifetime. Everyday I make it special by facing and conquering the day with cute summer outfits and awesome go-to summer hairstyles, and to complete my everyday summer look, I pair it with my cute and comfy boat shoes from People Footwear. I am so happy because they're so easy to match with any summer outfit, Sundae Pink with Yeti White is my life color and peg. People Footwear truly fits my lifestyle as a Writer, Digital Marketing Babe & Blogger because they always offer timeless styles and lightweight materials which makes it super easy to wear. I love how I can just run freely in a Sunday dress, going from one event to another, feeling like a kid, wandering around with my pair of Senna from People Footwear. All of their shoes are truly exceptional, with its lightweight but sturdy materials, laid back and classy designs and style, it really is my perfect adventure buddy!

I found my Sole Mate from People Footwear. These are the lightest and the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my entire life. 

Exploring the beauty of the world with my pair from People Footwear.

Thank you so much People Footwear for letting me try your comfy and cozy boat shoes that are perfect for my summer adventures! :) They're exclusively available at Res Toe Run.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!



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