Healthy & Happy with Happy Fit Manila

My organic & healthy journey continues with Happy Fit Manila PH.

These past weeks, I've been extra careful with what I eat, drink and even use on my skin & body. I try to research as much information as possible about certain products that are organic, healthy and harmless. :) With this kind of lifestyle, I became more cautious and aware of what I need and don't need. Like eating fast food (although I've slipped once or twice during my date nights with the boyfriend) nevertheless, I try to minimize my fast food intake as much as possible. Before, I could eat fast food everyday! But now, I always opt to eat regular/normal food and if possible, home cooked meals. Since I love to eat out, it was hard for me to actually get rid of junk and unhealthy food. It took a lot of tears and rants until I was able to control and manage my cravings & feelings! LOL :D

It's obvious that I love to eat and good food makes me really happy! :) My new life partner, Happy Fit Manila makes sure to give me scrumptious & healthy meals everyday to keep my body and mind strong and salubrious. Eating these meals everyday keeps me energized, fit and focus. :) It helps to accomplish my daily tasks and to tick off all the things in my To-Do list! ;)

Breakfast: Zuccini Fritata with Brown Rice
Lunch: Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Dinner: Napa Valley Salad
Snack: Oatmeal cookies

Breakfast: Lemon Butter Bangus with Brown Rice
Lunch: Pork Adobo with Tomato and Brown Rice
Dinner: Chicken Zuccini cous cous salad
Snack: Butter Mamon

Breakfast: Classic Spanish Omelette
Lunch: Bistek Tagalog
Dinner: Romanian Chicken Salad
Snack: Banana

Breakfast: Arroz Ala Cubana
Lunch: Tilapia Scaloppine
Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore with Brown Rice
Snack: Cookies

Breakfast: Fresh Garden Omelette with Brown Rice
Lunch: Garlic Shrimps Pasta
Dinner: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Brown Rice
Snack: Sliced Fruit

Have your own healthy diet meals delivered right at your door step! :) 
Just send your inquiries at: +639153212516 

Five days per week | Four meals per day
Php 1, 800.00 only

Additional delivery fee outside Metro Manila

"Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle"

Happy Fit Manila PH



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