My Hair God Mother: Style Chics PH


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I've always wanted to change my hair color into something bold, fun and risky. I think this is the perfect time to do so because I don't have to follow any rules anymore, I can do whatever I want (with my hair, that is). By the time I realized I'm bored with my hair color, I instantly decided to get a new hair color. This time there's no holding me back anymore. In other words, blonde kung blonde! Though I still haven't had the guts to fully dye my hair blonde but it's a start, right? :)

I wanted a subtle ombre, a faded look with highlights added around the side of my face and the shade is three times lighter than my hair color which was medium brown. I didn't want to touch up my roots just yet 'cause I was too scared my hair would die or something. But luckily, Style Chics PH made sure that it won't happen even if we used bleach! The keratin treatment right after my hair color turned my hair into its natural shape and texture. It really made my hair smooth and soft.

Style Chics PH really did a great job and gave me the hair that I've always wanted. To top it off, I had my hair done for about 4 hours at the comfort of my own home. As you can see in the photos below. :) That's because Style Chics PH is a home service type of salon and they offer tons of services to ensure that your hair is beautiful and chic! ;) They also do make up and hair dos for events, really really convenient! You can watch more about this on my VLOG! Check the link down below.

Thank you so much for this experience Style Chics PH! I would really love to have my hair done by you guys again. You are my hair god mother!
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