My Version of No Make Up Make Up Look

Here's my take on a simple no make up make up look using Sooper Beaute products! :)

If you're following me on Instagram (@tesletelandotcom) you probably know by now that Sooper Beaute sent me a box of make up goodies! I'm so excited to show you guys different make up looks using my new Sooper Beaute make up products. :) Here's the first look and this one is perfect for students because it looks natural and it's so quick to do, you'll probably need about 10 minutes to finish this look and off you go my darlings! :)


First, you have to moisturize your face! :) I use Myra Vita Smooth Hydrating Facial Moisturizer everyday before I apply make up because my skin is usually dry in the morning and oily at night. :(

Then I applied the Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream (medium shade) I love using this because it has a velvety finish and it has watermelon extract plus it smells nice. I just apply a smooth and even layer on my face using my ring finger. 

I use this as my make up base. :)

Next, I apply a thin layer of Sooper Beaute Tinte Concealing Stick (Medium shade) under my eyes and a little on the bridge of my nose. :)

Sadly, the box didn't have any eyebrow product so I had to use this one from Shopee Philippines. And I like this eyebrow pencil because it's very precised.

After my the brows, it's time to set my face with Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder (shade 02 nude beige) this product is perfect for students because not only is it affordable, it's also really good in hiding some blemishes and making your skin look soft and smooth.

Now, my favorite part!!! :) Contouring!!! I really love to contour my face since my cheeks are extraordinarily huge for my life (half joking) contouring is ALWAYS a must. I feel naked when my face isn't contour-ed. :( LOL. But luckily, Sooper Beaute sent me a contouring kit that really works well with how I like my face to be shaped and contour-ed. It also came with instructions on how to perfectly contour your face based on its shape. If you're rushing, here's a tip on how to do your contour quickly:

Draw a number three sign on your face, the temples of your forehead down to the side of your cheeks to your jawline. It's really easy and effective! Just swift the brush with a light hand and do this for two to three times and you're good to go! :)

I'm always torn between these two cheek tints! It's so hard to pick which one to use everyday because they're both equally pretty! This is probably my favorite make up products from Sooper Beaute! The cheeky balm in Jala and cheeky balm in Bella. :)

Hooray! Sooper Beaute Cheeky Balm in shade Bella won today! :) I am obsessed with these cheeky balms because they're so soft, so pretty and it's so smooth when you glide it on your face.

To apply this, I just smile naturally and glide my ring finger lightly on the apple of my cheeks - which isn't very hard to find 'cause it's big. LOL :D

Blush blush blush!

Now time for some highlighting! I just used the highlighted that came with the Sooper Beaute Contouring Kit. It's very matte so don't worry if you put too much because it'll still look natural.

Sooper Beaute So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy in shade Canopus is my favorite out of all the lip products they sent me! I love the shade so much and it's perfect for the make up looks that I always try to achieve. 

That's it for my short version of no make up make up look. I hope you guys liked it and stay tuned for more make up looks! :) Don't be shy and tag me your make up looks! I'd love to get some tips from you too.

Sooper Beaute

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