Product Feature: Lime Crime Velvetines color Wicked


In love with this matte lipstick shade!
Everyone seems to be so obsessed with this shade and I just had to get my hands on it! :) This Lime Crime Velvetines in shade Wicked is absolutely stunning! It's very pigmented and easy to glide on the lips. You just really need to use a colorless lip balm for a smooth and extra matte finish. To use this lippie better, here are some tips & tricks that I learned!

Make sure to exfoliate your lips, I often scrub my lips before using a super matte lipstick so it won't look to dry and hard. You can try putting some petroleum jelly 2-3 hours before using the this matte lipstick or you can also try the honey and sugar home made scrub regularly to make sure your lips are free from annoying dry lip skin. You know what I mean! :D

Moisturize moisturize moisturize! :) Apply and blot it evenly. When you glide it on your lips it usually takes 8-10 seconds until the lipstick dries out so make sure to put lip balm first because it's easier to remove as well.

You can also use a make up remover or baby oil to erase the matte lipstick. :)

See how beautiful that shade is? :) I'm in love!

Thank you for sending this!

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  1. The packaging is gorgeous and the shade is so eyecatching! xxxxx