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Whether it's hot or rainy, it's important for me to take care of my skin

I am really OC when it comes to my skincare, I rarely use products that might be too risky because I hate breaking out and having pimples or acne. I'm thankful that I have surpassed my teenage years wherein pimples wouldn't leave me alone. By the time I was eighteen, my skin were extra smooth & clear. So now, since I use make up and beauty products almost everyday because of work, media events, photo shoots & (sometimes) even date nights with the boyfriend, I always worry about having pimples or dry skin.

These Farmstay products caught my interest when I received an email from a friend. The first one I tried is the Farm stay Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam after a long day wearing make up. I must say it's really foamy and soft on the skin. I have photos of me applying it on my face but I look gross so I didn't include them on this blog post. LOL :D but anyway, after using the cleansing foam my face doesn't feel like a rubber or dried out from the chemicals. It feels light & smooth. Probably because they used organic red ginseng extract to keep my skin's texture, clean and comfortable.

Applying sun screen is a must for me. Since I was born with a sensitive skin, my parents taught me to be conscious with how I take care of my skin to avoid skin rashes, damages and the like. I've been using this Farm stay oil free UV defense sun cream since I got it and it really helps a lot especially when I'm taking photos outside and the weather is unbearably hot! It's important to keep your skin protected from the sun!!! :) This uv cream blocks UVA and UVB, protecting the skin from the sun and minimizes any possible skin irritation. It's light and non sticky, made with mild vegetable ingredient for all types of skin, has excellent skin coating technology for the skin to be able to breath and it can also be used as a make up base. :)

It's not just the sun, girls!! Stress can also damage the skin. We all know the code to having a beautiful & clear skin: Sleep well, drink lots of water & hydrate your skin using the best organic skin care products that is perfect for your skin type. :) In my case, I tried using this Farmstay grape stem cell toner that contains grape callus extract that deeply works on rough skin to make it clean and hydrated. I use this twice a day, in the morning after I shower and at night after I shower. :D It helps to brighten your dull skin and acts as a moisturizer as well. :)




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