Wallet Like Never Before - Big Skinny


It's something that I need everyday
Keeps important things in a safe place

I really like this cute coral pink wallet from Big Skinny. It's so pretty and it's perfect because I need a new wallet where I can keep all my cards, coins and a few cash altogether. I love how sturdy and well built the wallets are. It's not too bulky either even when I stuffed it with coins. :)

They were also really sweet and sent a navy blue wallet for my Dad! I love it because it's not the normal black or brown wallet for guys. Sooooo cute!!

You may order yours here: Big Skinny Philippines
Contact numbers:

Follow them on Instagram: @bigskinny.ph

They are the official distributor of Big Skinny USA, the world's thinnest wallets.



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  1. Such a cute dinky little purse, I love it! xxxxx