30 Shades of Matte


Celebrating National Lipstick Day with L'Oreal: A 30 Sophisticated Matte Shades of Color Riche.
Matte lipstick never goes out of style. It is an essential tool for the ladies especially those who are very keen to make up and beauty. I love putting make up and getting all dolled up especially when I have different outfits to wear. I always make sure that the shade of my lipstick matches with my outfit and overall look. It just feels right and it boosts my self confidence when I know that I'm wearing a beautiful and long lasting lipstick. :)

L'Oreal celebrates with us this National Lipstick Day and they made sure to give us the best quality lipstick that we all deserve.  The Color Riche lipsticks, comes in a rich, highly pigmented color and has the sophisticated matte finish that I've always wanted. It leaves the lips moisturized throughout the day so no more dry lips! :) And it comes with a 30 shade selection perfect for Filipina skin tones.

I know you guys are excited to see what L'Oreal sent me yesterday! I tried on a few shades and categorized the shades for each personality/pegs. :) 

For the rustic & countryside, Sheer Plum (left) & Crayon Sunset (right)

For the vintage inspired, Maple Mocha (left) & Glamour Fuchsia (right)

For the romantic & passionate, Blaze of Red, Black Cherry & Lincoln Rose

For the blush & sweet, Cherry Crush

For the edgy & a little off beat, Pure Garnet

For the soft & shy, Peachy Brown (left) & Jasmine (right)

For the music lover, Pure Scarlet

For the classy & posh, Fuchsia

For the geeky & scholarly, Rose Fondu (left) & Nymphea (right)

For the sporty & fun, Rose Lotus (left) & Pure Vermeil (right)

For the cute gamer, Pure Amaranthe (left), Pure Fire & Pure Rouge

Iris & Pure Brick

My favorite shade, Jasmine

You can totally see the ultra rich and highly pigmented shades. Putting make up and getting glammed up is more fun because you can switch and even mix & match the L'Oreal matte lipsticks!

"Life is too short to wear bad lipstick"

Each lipstick costs 400 php but YOU can get 50% discount on LAZADA today because it's National Lipstick Day! Woohoo! Go buy yourselves these pretty L'Oreal matte lipsticks before they run out of stock!

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