Brewed Awakening: I'm a Coffee Lover!


Coffee lover or not, you'll definitely enjoy the luxurious taste of coffee here at Conlins Coffee at Coffee Lab Bonifacio High Street.
Coffee awakens my soul and soothes my mood at any time of the day. I like my coffee sweet especially in the morning because it gives me a kick of energy. The soothing, delicious aroma and the dark bitter blend truly mixes with the warmth that radiates from a freshly brewed cup. :) 

What makes coffee more perfect is the fact that there is a perfect brew just for you. Whether you like it dark, sweet, with milk, with ice or anything else - Conlins Coffee can help you discover the blend that best suits your palate and personality.

The Coffee Lab recently opened their branch at Bonifacio High Street next to the Alessi Showroom, and they offering 19 selections of single to 100% Arabica bean brews from the Blue Notes line to delicious blends from the Artisans lane.

It was truly a great experience because we witnessed how coffee is being well blended to suit each and everyone's coffee preference.

With its warm and modern interiors, coffee lovers can enjoy a relaxing and soothing moment where they can sip a good cup of coffee and have endless conversations or just a much needed me-time.

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