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#ClaritinAllergy101 Session with Iya Villania-Arellano
Loratadine Claritin - World's Number One Anti-Allergy

Growing up, I've always had an allergic reaction whenever I'm exposed to dust and smoke. I kept on sneezing and sometimes I'd end up with a fever. Then, when I entered college I realized that I had to take medicines already because it was really embarrassing to sneeze in front of people. My parents are of course the ones who buy meds for me because I didn't know which one to get for my allergies. They made me try Claritin and I drink it whenever I'm exposed to dust or smoke. 

I've always known that Claritin is a good brand for my allergies but it was only until last week when I really knew more about it because Claritin hosted the #ClaritinAllergy101 Session with their Brand Ambassador, the Beautiful soon to be Mom, Iya Villania-Arellano at Cafe Naya at The Palace, BGC.

Paolo Abrera hosted the event and he introduced Mr. Emmanuel Cruz, Claritin Brand Manager to talk about the need to know more about our allergies and how Claritin can help fight them. The next speaker was Dr. Lyra Yamat, Bayer Consumer Health Medical Advisor, who gave a more in-depth talk on allergies. She busted a few myths about allergies, talked about their real causes, and discussed how to stop their annoying effects such as sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes, all with a good and effective antihistamine.

Iya Villania-Arellano also talked about her allergy problems. As a host, commercial model, wife, fitness buff, and soon-to-be mother, she’s filled with activities the whole day. On top of everything, she has to deal with a lot of allergies. She shared how allergies have always affected her growing up. “I was long hindered by dust, dander, and pollen. Even recently, I have been allergic with my husband’s cat,” she said. However, she added that because she’s always motivated to push herself to her limits, she doesn’t let anything stop her. Good thing she always has Claritin to rely on and to keep her functioning at her best. Now she’s no longer scared of her allergies.

I decided to bring my brother with me because I had errands to run and another event later that night. Oh, and my friend and I have finally convinced my twin brother to make a public Instagram account so please follow him here: @timtelan (segue shameless plug lol).

#ClaritinAllergy101 put to light everything we need to know about allergies and how Claritin never fails to address them. With its proven effect, safe formulation, and user-friendly packaging, it’s no wonder it’s the world’s leading anti-allergy medicine. Trust the expert on allergies. Take Claritin. I'm one of the many people that Claritin was able to help when it comes to allergies.

We ended the event with an allergy free pocket garden making which made the event more fun! Woohoo! I got to take home beautiful flowers and succulents.

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  1. What a cool event! I use claritin a lot for my allergies because a lot of other brands don't have non-drowsy meds :/ Allergies definitely get in the way whenever I have to sing or go to work, bleh!