Dunlopillo: Come to bed with me

Cuddles & snuggles with Dunlopillo Talasilver Wave
I spend most of my time on my bed, slumbering and laying around while scrolling my Instagram feed or checking my Facebook messages & chatting all night with my friends. For me, having a comfortable mattress is really important. Because having a soft, comfy and fluffy one helps me sleep better and I get to rest really well.

The newly launched, Talasilver Wave has a unique design that allows you to move freely as you sleep without having to compromise body support and of course, comfort. :) It also helps to align the spine, for optimal blood regulation (I actually read this from my Biological Psychology book. A good comfortable mattress and the bed itself affects our blood regulation when we sleep). The mattress allows excellent ventilation and air circulation. It keeps the body's temperature at a comfortable level for a good & deep sleep through the night. Furthermore, Talasilver Wave boasts of the Nano-Silver Technology that prevents and elimates the growth of 99.9% harmful bacteria. It also has the best ecological footprint, setting the benchmark in the entire latex history. Just wow. :)

The Dunlopillo Tea Party was held at Aruga by Rockwell, where we were able to see, feel and experience the mattress ourselves. Its smooth, comfy and soothing texture made me wanna curl up and slumber the whole day. The tea party wouldn't be complete without a succulent buffet brunch and luscious drinks. We also customized our own sleeping mask to pair it with the mattress! :)

So I'm done writing about this, it's time to go back to bed and curl up with my new favorite mattress! :)



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