Faux Pas Paris: Craft to Charm


The perfect dainty & stylish go-to shoes for the always on-the-go ladies!
I have always dreamed of visiting the city of love, Paris. Though I am not really familiar with the French culture and its rich heritage but I am absolutely in love with their fashion sense and style. I've watched a few French films about fashion during my Fashion Design class at FIP and that's where my love for fashion grew even more.

When I first visited the Res Toe Run branch in Robinsons Magnolia, my friend Char introduced me to the brand Faux Pas. A French footwear brand that brings out the modish, creative and dainty personality in each one of us. :) Why? Because you can pick out a pair that matches with your personal style and you can also choose your interchangeable "jams" based on your style preference. :)

Yesterday, I was able to practice my (non existent) artsy and creative side at the Faux Pas Paris #CraftToCharm event held at Le Petit Souffle, Century City Mall. We were able to design our own jams and shoe pouches where we can put our cute Faux Pas Shoes. :) The table were filled with paint, beads, laces and cloth that we can use to design and make our jams & pouches even prettier.

The event set up, the food, the brand and the products itself truly speaks for my style. It's classy, posh, elegant and convenient too! The material is really sturdy and well built so you can use it even when it's raining! Waterproof flats? Yes please! :) I really need this pair because of the rainy season plus, it is so freakin' cute!!!

I got the Vendome pair in color Ash (US size 36 for those asking! JK!) I like it soooo much because it really represents my style in so many ways. The color, the shape, the jam. Everything. It's perfect for me.

Girl crush, Janeena Chan <3 p="">

Hi Char!! :)

And the CEO of Faux Pas, discussing the brand and its history. :)

My Vendome Faux Pas pair in the color Ash.

I'm so excited to see the beauty of the world with my new Faux Pas flats.

Faux Pas is available at Res Toe Run

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