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A fun Luncheon with Sharp Philippines at Big Bad Wolf, BGC

Since I am a full time blogger now, whenever I don't have events or shoots, I spend my time watching soap operas on TV. It's one of the perks of working at home, you get to watch all the good shows on TV. :p Growing up, we only use one brand when it comes to appliances and attending the Sharp event with my fellow bloggers has been a really great way to further enhance my knowledge when it comes to television. :) There are so many features that Sharp TVs has to offer. Aside from its exceptional digital TV with ISBD-T feature, it also has an ultra HD feature plus Sharp customized the viewing experience with the Sharp 4K TV Powered by Android TV. The UE630X is Google-Certified. Oohhh fun & interesting right? :) This feature allows us, the viewers, to search thousands and thousands of movies, TV shows and even Youtube videos! It's really the easiest and the most convenient feature ever! :) 

For all my gamer friends out there, this feature is for you guys! You can easily access all your favorite Android applications and games on the SHARP 4K television from Google Play Store. It also comes with its own game pad for better controls.

SHARP lets us enjoy all these features in larger than life detail. The resolution is four times better & clearer than Full HD. It also has a built in 4k Master Engine Pro, SHARP's unique processing engine that provides immensely rich color feature. This is really the next, best smart TV. 

But it doesn't just end there. My favorite feature is the SHARP Active Multimedia System, which is an all in one entertainment system that's made to provide fun and enjoyment to its users. With over 1,200 licensed videoke songs and a multimedia system fit to play all of your favorite music and films. This system also allows its user to view their digital photos. :) Cool! It comes handy for any videoke duets (like me & my twin) because it has two microphones! Talk about performance level!

You may choose between a 24" or a 32" LCD screen and an optional purchase of an exclusive SAMM usb that has over 1,800 more videoke songs. Now we can all sing all night until 10pm! LOL!

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