Jusere shares how to operate a wedding dress store

Jusere tells you how to operate a wedding dress store.

When brides are in dire need to choose the perfect wedding dress, it's always a must to visit a wedding dress store. However, during the non stop development and improvement of e-commerce, a lot of affordable wedding dresses attract the brides who are on a tight budget. Because of the uprising online stores who cater wedding gowns, the wedding dress stores all over the world are having a difficult time reaching their desired sales. So for some wedding dress store owners, you might wanna know how to keep your business stable.

Here are some "bottlenecks" of wedding dress stores:

1. Customization requirements - Before choosing a wedding dress, many brides must tend to plan and plot their ideas from websites such as Pinterest or Tumblr, wherein they search the perfect style, color, price & etc. Brides used to buy their wedding dresses under the guidance and suggestions of the sales associate of the store, but now the brides have more thoughts and ideas and they often go to wedding dress stores to find the one which they have already planned in their minds. However, even the largest wedding dress stores can’t perfectly meet their needs, so the custom wedding dress service becomes an urgent need. But most wedding dress stores either do not offer customized services, or is immensely expensive. That's why it is difficult to meet the brides’ requirements.
2. Too expensive - Compared to the wedding dresses available online, the ones in the physical store are much more expensive. From the cost of the store rent, the staffs’ salary, the wedding dress purchase & etc., even though there's still a lot of brides who opt to buy their wedding dresses from the physical stores rather than online.

3. Branded wedding dresses - They sell good, but they get low profits. A lot of brides prefer a branded wedding dress, Because the price and quality is quite better. Brides tend to find it difficult to know whether the wedding dress is worth it, because they don’t fairly know how to make sure that it has a fine quality from the material & craft.

How to solve these practical problems to make your business better?

1. Provide better service. You can communicate with your customers face-to-face. You can get a lot of visual information. And it also is the biggest disadvantage of online sales, they can’t see their customers personally and they're unable to know the customer's physical size.

2. Buy wedding dresses from the factory directly. If you can’t reduce the labor cost, it is necessary to get a lower purchase price. Purchase wedding dresses from overseas particularly in China, the price is almost in half but the quality is almost the same. Suzhou and Guangzhou are the two main wedding dress factory in China. If you want customized services, you can try to contact the Suzhou manufacturers, because they could provide customized services and there's no MOQ restrictions. However, for new store owners, it is necessary to visit their factories. Another advantage is that, you can build your own brand and improve your profits.

3. Multi-channels promotion. Long ago promotion channels includes newspapers, magazines, TV Ads and other media etc. that'll cost you quite a lot of money and you can’t put it for a long time. But now there are some social networks you can use for marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., You can promote your products without spending too much money. If you can operate it well, it can increase your sales.

Tips for purchasing wedding dresses from China
1. Find a suitable wedding dress factory. If you want to purchase wedding dresses from China, you must visit these two places, first one is the Suzhou Tiger Hill Wedding Dress Mall, and the other one is the Guangzhou Jiangnan Avenue North Wedding Street. Many Suzhou wedding dresses factories offer custom services with no MOQ. Guangzhou simple wedding dresses and some heavy dresses are priced way cheaper than Suzhou’s, but they have MOQ restrictions (usually 10pcs) and do not provide customization services. To small orders and complicated wedding dresses, you can try Suzhou.

2. Learn to identify trader and factory. At B2B platforms (such as Alibaba, global resources etc.), there are a lot of traders, not all are manufacturers. If you wanna join a trading company, the prices will be higher and more expensive. But joining a trading company also has certain benefits, such as you don’t need to take a lot of time and effort.

It is not easy to find a reliable wedding dress factory especially for new people who never tried to buy from other countries. Finally a simple introduction of Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd, if you want customized services or wholesale wedding dresses, you can contact us anytime.

For wedding dress store owners, Jusere Wedding dress has the following advantages:

1. Founded in 2002, we are Suzhou's biggest wedding dress manufacturer, and we have China's largest wedding dress showroom and has a wide variety of design choices.

2. No MOQ and we provide custom made services.

3. Powerful background system opens free to our customers. If you are a wedding dress store owner or buyer, then contact us directly, and provide your store information, after the confirmation, we will provide our login account which you can use, and see thousands of products.

This can be a great way to put your business to the top.

Disclaimer. This is a paid/sponsored post.


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