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NU Skin introduces ageLOC Y-Span to promote healthy aging. It is the company's most advanced anti-aging supplement that helps individuals to enjoy being more active, energetic and healthy.

Back when i was still in college, I had this Biological Psychology class where we also discussed about skin, causes of aging and the factors that can help improve skin aging. I was so interested with that particular subject and for a moment I actually considered opening my own Medical Aesthetic Clinic. No doubt that a human body is truly a miracle because it naturally evolves, learns, adapts and repairs itself. Even as we age, we still want our bodies and minds to continue feeling healthy, youthful and vigorous. I learned from my visit at Nu Skin office located at the 15th floor of Octagon Center, Ortigas that the key to a youthful, glowing skin is to give the body all the nutrients that it needs so it can continue to do what it is naturally designed to do - to live more youthful years. (Cue in: Youth by Troye Sivan, my fave song at the moment.) 

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., a global leader in beauty and wellness, announced ageLOC Y-Span, their most advanced anti aging dietary supplement that will be available in Nu Skin Philippines this August 2016.

Our bodies have an internal defense mechanism that is designed to resist the effects of aging. Based on 30 years of research to target the signs of aging as its source, ageLOC Y-Span is able to maintain and support the internal activity of the body's aging defense mechanisms by positively modulating gene expression, helping individuals to live young.

The ageLOC Y-Span features a unique blend of natural ingredients that are not readily available in our everyday diets. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its unique health benefits and its ability to positively impact gene expression to create a propriety blend that delivers broad spectrum benefits. Some of the ingredients are purple corn extract, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, citrus bioflavonoids, resveratrol and vitamin K2. Among others, ageLOC Y-Span is truly a foundational product that supports structures and functions throughout the body by supporting DNA integrity, systematic cytokine responses and anti oxidant protection while promoting a healthy mind and body.

The ageLOC Y-Span also takes advantage of a unique capsule technology - Licap, which allows both liquids and solids to be delivered together in a single hard shell capsule. This kind of technology improves the bioavailability of fat-soluble ingredients, which helps ensure the delivery of anti aging benefits.

What I love about Nu Skin is that, they don't just offer their products right away. They make sure to identify which problems you have on your body and targets the source. They don't just sell you products, you have to address your concerns first to your Doctor and see if the Nu Skin recommended products are perfect for you and your body. During the event, I learned that my body is lacking vitamins and I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, try to reduce stress and sleep more. I also found out that my weight is just normal for my height and my skin is a bit  dry! :D

I was also able to try this ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II , a very convenient youthful spa benefits that can be used in your own home. It is specifically designed together with the ageLOC Transformation daily skin care regimen which gives you the power to be the anti aging expert by targeting the source. I also found out that based on research, it shows that the ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa II enhances delivery of ageLOC ingredients to your skin up to 5 times more. :) I need this in my life!

Special edition with Swarovski crystals. So beautiful!

with my blogger friend, Charlene Ajose

I had such a wonderful time and I learned so much! Thank you Nu Skin for educating me about all the skin and anti aging benefits of ageLOC Y-Span. :)

ageLOC Y-Span will be available here in the Philippines starting August 2016. For more information, please visit their website or call them at 8NUSKIN (868-7546).

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