How I Make Worklife Easier


Working as a full time blogger, a digital marketing consultant and a freelance content writer can also be as stressful as having a normal 8-5 day job. Read more about the things I do to help lessen the stress and make bad days bearable.
Things get really difficult when I have to go to meetings, events, run errands and make sure to meet my deadlines - all in one day. With the help of my planner, my phone's alarm clock, a really good cup of tea in the morning and of course, my everyday vitamins Fern C, the stress and hassle of doing all these things gets bearable and easier. Here are some of the things I do to help myself and lessen the stress when work gets really hard and unbearable.

I make sure to plan things ahead. I write everything I have to do in my planner and it's really a great help! It makes my worklife a whole lot easier. Planning for me includes drafting and scheduling blog posts and social media posts so I don't have to worry that much when it comes to posting as a blogger and a digital marketing manager. :)

Eating healthy comfort food is always a must!! Comfort food is so helpful and I don't even know how I'll survive life without it. It truly helps me get through my worklife and actually, life in general. Having a good meal makes me so happy, giddy and ready to grind and hustle back to work again. :)

Drinking my daily vitamins, Fern C helps me get through the day. It makes me happy when I feel energized, it's like the stress goes away and it makes me feel like I'm always ready to face the challenges ahead. 

When worklife gets unbearable, I just sleep it off. Sleeping helps us forget everything, all the stress and all the difficult things that we have to endure at work. Having a good, deep sleep makes me feel so relaxed and it immensely help me reduce stress. So I wake up feeling excited and ready to face a brand new day.

The most important thing that makes my worklife easier, is praying and reflecting. Everyday, I start my morning with a prayer and followed by listening to worship songs. Talking to God is the best way to reduce stress and I say all my worries to Him and He makes me feel better. God helps me to lighten up just by talking to me and helping me appreciate all the beautiful things in life. No amount of stress can ever make me feel down because I know that God is with me and He helps me get through anything.

Now that's how I make my worklife easier. With the help of all these things, workilife ay easy with Fern C! Subok na! :)

Try Fern C too and see how it can help you lessen the stress especially when you're working plus commuting everyday! I can only imaging how stressful and hassle that might be.

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