I Came, I Saw, I Contoured


Here's the best solution for my insecurity - chubby cheeks.
The new Maybelline Contour Kit has finally arrived! And I am literally obsessed with it! Growing up, I've always been insecure about my chubby cheeks. When I was in college, I learned how to contour my face since I was so fond of make up and all of my friends were doing it as well. :) I started watching Youtube tutorials and trying to contour my face like Kim Kardashian. I admit, it was harder back then because I didn't have the right tools/make up to use plus I couldn't just splurge on make up like that because I was still a student. :)

But now, Maybelline made it easier for everyone. They launched they're very first contouring line - V Face Contour by Face Studio. I swear it's so useful for daily life because they're not too harsh and it's really easy to blend.

Maybelline V Face Contour Duo Stick (Php 499)

For a precise contouring finish, apply the darker shade of the duo stick along the hairline, hollow of the cheeks, jawline, and the side of your nose bridge. And then for the highlighting, apply the lighter shade of the duo stick along the high points of your face. I always use my fingertips to blend everything well but you can opt to use a small blending brush.

Maybelline V Face Duo Powder

Same as the duo stick, the lighter shade can be used as the highlighter and the darker shade can be used for contouring. If you combine the shades together you can apply it all over your face for a smooth, even skin tone, before contouring and highlighting your face. :)

Maybelline V Face Duo Blush Contour (Php 399)

I really love this product because it makes everything so easy to pull off. Use the darkest shade (the one on the right) to blend along the hollow of the cheeks, hairline, jawline and the bridge of your nose. Then the rosy blush (the one in the middle) can be brushed along the cheekbones to give you a rosy, pinkish blush. And the last one on the left, the lightest shade, is used to highlight so apply and blend it along the high points of your cheeks for that added rosy glow. :)

I hope you guys try out these products too because they're really easy to use but the effect on your face is truly exceptional. It's perfect for both everyday make up look or a night out/date night look.

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