Brunch: Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Marikina


I am always down for a food trip + road trip. And last Saturday, a couple of friends & my boyfriend had a very scrumptious brunch at Fat Daddy's Smokehouse in Marikina. Although Marikina is just about an hour away from us, it still felt like a mini road trip because of the heavy traffic!!! We arrived there at around 10:30 am so we had to wait until 11 am (store hours) for us to be able to go inside. There was a party at the actual restaurant so the owner opted to open their (huge) house for the customers who will dine. The place was really nice though my only problem was the lighting. I couldn't capture a good photo because the roof was blue! So all of the photos I took were all in the shade of blue. :( That's why I decided to make a short video instead so you guys can see the actual food with almost normal lighting. :)

I love all the food we ordered especially the smoked pork ribs and the mac and 4 cheese! The serving is pretty good too considering the prices. It's really worth it! We also tried the Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake and it was really yummy!

Mac & 4 Cheese | Price: Php 160
It's really delicious especially the cheese part and the macaroni was cooked very well! :)
My rate: 10/10 because the flavor, the serving and the taste is really worth its price.

Smoked Pork Ribs | Price: Php 360 (Half)
The meat is very tender and flavorful. I like the sauce too. I wanna try this again with garlic rice because maybe it matches better with rice than with the mac & cheese. 
My rate: 9/10 for the tender, meat, flavor and taste. Maybe 10/10 if I get to try it with rice next time.

Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake | Price: Php 180
The milkshake is thick and creamy, the whipped cream tastes good too. I like the bacon on the top because it's crispy and there are bacon bits inside the milkshake too.
My rate: 8/10 because I think it's a little overpriced.

Here's a quick video, we took so many videos but they were all so hilarious (most of it are embarrassing!) but these short clips made the cut! :D  

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