Few Things I Learned at 21


It's true when they say you can't turn back time and I have no plan to do so because I am honestly thankful for everything that happened to me. Some things might not turn out the way I want them to but every turn, every road, every struggle, every tear and every smile led me to where I am today and the person that I've become. I know it's too early to say things like this because I'm just starting out in the 'real world' but regardless if I've been working or if I have been successful for a long time or not, I'm still utterly grateful for the things that molded me into the kind of person that I am right now.


I have always used this blog to document my life and as an outlet for me to share even the most random thought I've ever had, hoping that maybe there's someone out there that can somehow relate to me and my experiences. :) As my way of reflecting on all the things that happened to me and the obstacles that I've been through and how I was able to surpass it, here's a blog post that I hope would somehow be relevant and useful to your lives as well.


Few things I learned at 21
  • Be yourself - We've heard or seen this mantra over and over again. But it's totally true! In a world where everyone and everything can manipulate and have the influence to turn you into someone you're not, it's really a big challenge to keep your true self in tact. But the best and most successful people often knew who they truly are and what they really want in life so always remember that if you just show your true self, not everyone may like you but some would definitely love you for being true. <3 li="">
  • Be kind - It doesn't hurt to be kind to people and also to yourself. :)
  • Respect - This I learned from constantly meeting a lot of people, you have to show them that you have respect for them and that you also have respect for yourself. 
  • Always be grateful - Stop complaining.
  • Speak with substance - People can badmouth and gossip for hours but it takes a real, mature person to speak with substance and talk about things that really matter in life.
  • Never doubt yourself - I was so doubtful back then, I felt like I couldn't do certain things and I was so scared to fail. There were plenty of times when I held myself back just because I was constantly second guessing myself. One of the things I learned from my boyfriend is that, to survive in the real world you must trust yourself and what your gut tell you.
  • Enjoy the ride - It may seem like my life is all fun & hanging out & being free but in reality, I really have so much work to the point that I feel like I bit a lot more than I can chew. And it's probably not the healthiest thing to do but what I learned from my friends who are also in the blogging industry is that no matter how stressful the deadlines are or how hard it is to keep up with everything that's going on, you just have to enjoy the ride. One moment may pass without you being able to enjoy it so just chill and take things easy. :) In short, don't be so hard on yourself.
  • Appreciate the little things - I was such an arrogant little bitch back then and that was something I was so thankful that I've been able to change because clearly, it wasn't really a good trait. Spending quality time with the people I love matters the world to me. And I really appreciate the kindness of people because it also inspires me to be good and be nice as well. 
  • Kill them with kindness - Yeap! There were some haters too! :D Most of them were people whom I used to spend time with and I honestly don't even know how they ended up throwing shade at me despite me being so utterly nice to them but oh well, that's how life goes. So just like Selena Gomez, just kill them with kindness. <3 li="">

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PS: I'm turning 21 next Friday, September 16!!! Woohoo!!

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  1. Lovely post with a lot of really important messages we need to take to heart ALWAYS. Be yourself. Be kind. Enjoy the ride. Yes! Amen!