Mermaid Dreams


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching The Little Mermaid and I grew up using my blanket as my very own mermaid tail and pretend like I am Ariel of The Little Mermaid and I'd sing my favorite song "Part of your world". It was one of the best Disney films of all time. :)
I used to dance ballet too and all of my classmates wanted to be the pretty, dancing princesses and I was the only one who wanted to be Ariel but my Ballet Teacher said that Ariel couldn't dance because she's a mermaid. So I became Princess Jasmine instead during the ballet recital. :)) I think every girl like me secretly hoped to be a mermaid and I am absolutely happy and I think it's wonderful to feel like we can become a mermaid even if our tails are just cute blankets! :p

During my 21st Birthday, a friendly Instagram store called Mermaid Blankets PH sent me one of their best selling mermaid blankets! :) I love the quality of the fabric. It's really soft and comfortable. The color and the design is really chic too! They sell different kinds of mermaid blankets with different colors, design, style that fits every personality. :) Mine came in color gray and even my mom & aunts were asking me to give the blanket to them because they find it super cute too! :) Every night, I feel like I'm slipping into my very own mermaid tail and I just love the feeling of cuddling and snuggling in bed filled with pillows plus a cold room temperature and watching my favorite TV series or reading a book until I fall asleep. :) It's such a wonderful and satisfying feeling. :))

You can follow them on Instagram for more information
Oh, and they ship worldwide too! :)

Side story: I also love putting Boryeong Mud Facial Mask before I go to sleep because it really moisturizes my skin, removes all dirt and it really makes my skin softer and smoother when I wake up the next morning. But that's for another blog post! Lol. Just a shout out to Boryeong Mud Cosmetics because I love their skin care products!

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