Rucy's Vanity September Haul


Hello Birthday Month! :) I've been so busy lately so this to make it up to you my lovely readers, here's an overdue post about my Rucy's Vanity Haul. :)
I love make up and the kind of look that I've been trying to achieve lately is the simple glam look. It's helpful when I have meetings and events because I don't want to look so prepared but also not like I just rolled out of bed look as well. :p Rucy's Vanity is one of the brands that I've been eye-ing for months now. I've always been so curious about their products and how good they are.

I got the BB Cream, Lip & Cheek Red, Eyebrow pencil, Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner. Personally, I like the BB cream because the cover is quite good, the Lip & Cheek Red is too sadly too red for my skin tone. :( But I really, really love the eyebrow pencil because it's so easy to use and it's really pigmented. I like the mascara too because it's not too thick on my lashes though I didn't like the liquid eyeliner that much. Maybe because I'm not really good when it comes to putting liquid eyeliner. :( Boo me! But all in all, I give them 8/10. :)

Here's a simple look I created using some of my Rucy's Vanity products: BB Cream, a little bit of Lip & Cheek Tint, Mascara and Eyebrow Pencil. I opted not to put the liquid eyeliner because I'm too scared to spoil the whole look. Lol

You can get order these products at Rucy's Vanity website.

Auto Eyebrow Pencil has 3 colors: black, grey, brown
Price: Php 80.00

Water proof liquid eyeliner: black
Price: Php 160.00

Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara: black
Price: Php 180.00

Gleamy Whitening BB Cream: natural, oak
Price: Php 200.00

Lip & Cheek Red
Price: Php 80.00

Aside from make up, they also offer skin care and body care products that I have yet to try but will definitely write my thoughts about it too if given the chance. :)

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