Ungrip Your Phone

My work requires me to be on my phone almost all the time and it is such a relief to have something that could help me hold my phone effortlessly. I am a very clumsy person so I always tend to drop my phone which always gives me a mini heart attack. (Ya feel me? :D) So I was very happy when I received these products from Ungrip. Not only does it help me hold my phone as easy as holding a pen but it also prevents me from actually losing my phone. Lol. This is so convenient and I thank the heavens because they've discovered and made these products to make our lives easier.

Ungrip has various designs to match any style and personality. I'm using the one on the right because it reminds me of the 4th of July. :) And I gave the green one to my brother to remind him of our Alma Mater, La Salle. :D

It's very easy to put at the back of your phone, it comes with the small white cloth with alcohol so you can clean your phone first and make sure there are no dust before you apply the sticker. :) It has instructions inside too so you'll know where to put it based on the size of your hand and your phone.

For more information, you may visit
Ungrip Website HERE
And for orders you may send them a private message:
Viber: +639165834331
SMS: +639292356045


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  1. So useful! Thanks for sharing.