Belo Baby #Scentsational Squad


There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea


Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

For the girl who loves flowers

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Your Daily Grind


When it comes to finding the perfect place for hang outs, I love going to restaurants with a chill and comfy vibe. I eat a lot so a place where they serve huge servings and scrumptious dishes is always a must too!

Pure Nectar Wellness Party

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I admit being a 'self proclaimed health junkie' and I just love everything organic. This is by far, one of my most favorite events because I got to experience a really nice afternoon of wellness and healthy activities.

So 'Scent'imental

One of my pet peeves is entering a comfort room or a car with awful or foul odor. That's why I always bring an alcohol spray and sanitizer with me everyday.

Your Lips Are Moving


Soft lustrous lips using Sooper Beaute Lip & Cheek Lacquer

A Flavorful Dinner at 7 Flavors Buffet


I live for the mantra "Blonde, Beach, Buffet".

The Blissful Story Creamery


A blissful birthday gift from The Blissful Story Creamery.

Why I Considered Blogging Full Time


I started blogging way back 2010 and I didn't even know what it was before and how it really works.

Achieve your #BrowGoals with K Palette 3Way Eyebrow Pencil


Achieve #BrowGoals with just one product! :)

The Best of Me


It's been so long since I've written something from the heart. I used to love blogging because it was an outlet for me to release all the overflowing emotions I've been feeling. This blog has been with me since I got my very first heartbreak. It was bittersweet, just thinking about it now makes me so happy and anxious at the same time. I can still remember how sad I was, mostly crying through all the blog posts. But I survived. All the more reason why I feel like I lost the connection with my blog was because of those judgemental hypocrites waiting around for me to write about something that they can gossip about. But, I realized, the hell I care? I started this blog for the sole reason that I wanted to share a huge part of who I am and no one can ever change that.