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Fragrance is one of the most important thing that women have to be mindful of. Your scent leaves a different kind of memory to each person you meet and its only best to leave a special kind of scent that people would always remember you by. Growing up, I was always pampered with baby colognes to make sure that by the time I kiss my parents goodbye to go to school until the time I kiss them again when I get home, I'm still fresh and mabango! :) I'm very careful though with every perfume/cologne that I use on my skin because I tend to get rashes whenever I use something with too much chemicals. I have a very sensitive skin so my Mom is usually the one who decides on which cologne or perfume is okay for me to use.


When I told my mom that I got invited to the special event of Belo Baby Colognes, she was very excited! We knew how nice the products of Belo are and of course, we love Scarlet Snow!!!! :) I'm part of Team Sweet Snuggle which is by the way, according to Crystal Belo, it's Scarlet's favorite scent too!!! :)



When I entered Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, it was filled with Belo Baby Colognes and cute stuff toys which really made me feel like I'm in a beautiful doll house!! It was truly every girl's dream destination. The set up was really pretty and they served comfort food that we all enjoyed. It's not a secret that I am in love with cupcakes and I felt like it was my birthday! :p Belo Baby Cologne plus comfort food and fun games?? You can always count me in!!!














What I love about the scent of Sweet Snuggle is that lovely floral scent that really blooms throughout the day. It has that sweet cuddly feeling that I always go for. It also matches with my fashion style because I'm the type of girl who loves anything dainty, soft and pink!



It has glycerin that truly moisturizes and a chamomile derived ingredient that soothes the skin. It is absolutely free from parabens, phthalates and coloring agents which makes it safer for babies and everyone else who has sensitive skin. :) It's hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and perfect for all skin types and there's three different scents for each personality and preference. Not only do they give you sweet smelling scents but they are also double as hand sanitizing solution! Get this for only Php 79.75!

Belo Baby Colognes:

  • Cool Drizzle - A classic scent that leaves skin feeling fresh.
  • Sweet Snuggle - A floral scent that blooms throughout the day.
  • Happy Tickle - A fruit scent to add sweetness on the skin.


Nicole Andersson, Squad Leader of Team Sweet Snuggle


Vern Enciso, Squad Leader of Team Happy Tickle


 Kaila Estrada, Squad Leader of Team Cool Drizzle


Here's the team Sweet Snuggle led by Nicole! :) I love the cupcake design activity!!! Plus the pink aprons! So cute! :) I also got to meet some adorable & sweet fans!





I didn't know it was hard to design an actual cupcake! I may have failed at my first try but I finally got the hang of it and I was able to create this flower like design. :)




Crystal Belo also shared her insights about the new Belo Baby Colognes and gave some real life tips on how to become a confident woman. :) It was really nice to hear some inspirational stories from one of the most successful women in the industry.


My Sweet Snuggle friend, Anna


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