So 'Scent'imental

One of my pet peeves is entering a comfort room or a car with awful or foul odor. That's why I always bring an alcohol spray and sanitizer with me everyday.
I love that Favori scents gives you an awesome sanitizing and deodorizing spray that you can bring anywhere! :) I gave the travel + car deodorizing spray to my Dad since he & my mom loves to buy cold goods at the nearby wet market and the odor of raw & fresh fish and meat stays inside the car. I love using the Rejuvinating Room & Linen Spray because I love the hint of mint and lemon scent plus it makes me sleep better at night. I used to spray my Clean perfume all over my room just so I could relax and feel comfortable but now I got a more affordable spray that I can use as much as I want! The Rejuvinating room & linen spray makes me feel like I'm in a hotel room and that's even better! :p I always bring the Bathroom deodorizing spray with me because I'm always out and I really hate comfort/wash rooms with awful odor.


Favori scents makes lives easier for us. I love that it gives me the scent that I always long for and helps me build and make memories. The scent makes me remember the sweetest and even the worst moments of my life and there's a magical feeling of bringing me back to that exact same feeling that I was feeling when I once smelled that scent. It may be bitter sweet but I know we all live for the memories. :)

It's perfect for every home and every personality because they have different kinds of scents that would be perfect for each one of us. I have yet to use the Soy Aroma Candle but I'm planning to light it this Sunday when my family come to visit. I love everything organic and I admire that Favori has their own line of cruelty free and eco friendly products for everyday use!


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