There's Plenty of Fish in the Sea


Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus


Growing up, I was taught to always eat what is served on our table and it made me less picky when it comes to food. However, due to my poor eyesight I have always opted for meat and chicken instead of fish because I always have a hard time getting the bones out of the fish especially the tiny ones. That is why I love boneless bangus!! Hehe :p After getting this huge package from Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus, I instantly asked our helper to cook one for lunch because I really wanted to try it.

I love how fresh and flavorful the daing na bangus was and it's really delicious. :) It's boneless so it's really easy to eat. #LazyTesle I'm actually considering this as a Christmas gift for my family & relatives! There's a lot to choose from so I bet it won't be hard to choose which pack to get for each member of my family. Giles loved the boneless milk fish smoked and I like the boneless milk fish unseasoned plus soy sauce with calamansi!! :p







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Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus

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