Why I Considered Blogging Full Time


I started blogging way back 2010 and I didn't even know what it was before and how it really works.
I just really love to write about my life stories, what I've been doing before as a model and I even write about random topics like high school crushes, my opinions on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries (I was a hardcore Stefan & Elena fan!) And I'd also post a snap of my food, my outfit, my new books, make up and basically anything under the sun. I was doing it before on my old Tumblr account and I'd even write about how my day went or the arguments and funny stories I've had during the day - back then there was this Quote feature on Tumblr which lets you post your conversations and stuff. I'm not sure if they still have it now because I haven't visited my Tumblr dashboard for a very long time. I kinda miss it.


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After a couple of years, I became a huge fan of Saab Magalona who was really big at Tumblr that time and also a few bloggers like Kelly Misa and Sea of Shoes. During September of 2012, I remember it was like a couple of weeks before my 16th Birthday, I stumbled upon this advertisement that really caught my attention. It was a really nice blogging platform called Posterous. I don't know if you guys have heard of it. But back then when Instagram wasn't really mainstream yet, you can actually share your Instagram photos to your Posterous blog directly. I think IG has that feature now for the main social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. But before, they used to have Posterous and it made posting updates on my blog easier. I didn't even know how to track your blog views and that those features even existed. I was just blogging because I want to share my life regardless if there's anyone reading it or not. I posted so many personal life articles on my Posterous blog (thank God the blog is down now!) talking about my high school love situation, how my parents didn't allow me to have a BF - understandable! Duh! Hahaha. The blog lasted for more than a year, even until the time when I had my first boyfriend in college which is also connected with this blog. :p I wrote about what my first year in college felt like, and also what having a boyfriend in college was like too. And at that time I already have a blessing from my parents to date this guy so it was easier for me to share things on my blog. :) Until suddenly, I got a shocking email from Posterous that they're taking down the whole platform and that I'd have to transfer all my posts to another platform before they take it down. I didn't bother transferring the posts because at the time I was pre occupied and had so much stuff to do for school. So I stopped blogging for a while and continued to update the little blog I created for my first boyfriend. It was filled with photos of our daily life adventures, and I created that blog not to share our relationship but to make sure that our memories will last until the end of time until the platform takes the blog down. Lol. And then Summer of 2013, I had my first real heartbreak and it has really affected me in a bad way. I needed to find an outlet for me to share my thoughts and I thought creating my very own platform to write about it would be good for me and it might also help me heal and move on.



And so I did, I wrote all about it here in this blog and I only deleted a few posts which contained a few offensive write ups about my ex which in my defense, I wrote when I was still hurting and angry. :p This blog became my very own best friend and I wrote about anything and everything. During those heart break moments, I decided to enroll myself to Fashion School and took up a Fashion Design Class and Basic Sewing at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. I started posting about my projects, plans, outfits and more. I remember I love writing about how my day was because I don't have anyone to tell so I just write it all on my blog. I was getting a lot of good comments from readers, international bloggers were commenting on my outfit posts, my friends were commenting on my life articles and eventually my blog became a platform where people can visit and relate to maybe a couple of posts. :) I decided to turn my blog into a kind of platform that can inspire others just like how it inspired me and to write about stuff that I'm really interested about like Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care, Food etc. 


After a few months, I got a bunch of email from Instagram shops asking me to do a collaboration and before I didn't even know what it meant so I just brush it off until one shop on Instagram commented on my photo and said that they'd love to send over a few clothes for me to wear so I asked if I have to pay for them and I was actually willing to but the owner said that it's for free and all I have to do is post it on my blog and tag them on Instagram. I was a bit hesitant at first but then I asked my brother's opinion about it and he said that it's okay for me to give it a try. I can still remember the first sponsored items that I got - an orange shorts with studs and a white chiffon top with pink studs. (Oh diba? Studs lang ang labanan. Hahaha!) So anyway, I also got this invitation to write a blog post for a newly opened BPO company and I got paid for it. (Gift certificate nga lang! Haha. But still, pwede na!) So from there, I just continued blogging and I always get this happy feeling after finishing a blog post. 


After a couple of years, I got to work with more brands and by the time I finished college, my blog has reached the point where I no longer have to look for a day job because my blog earnings are going really well. But no matter how much I show my dad that my blog can already support me financially, he was still bugging me to get a full time job because there were so many things to consider too like hospitalization benefits, Christmas bonus, 13th month pay and more. I didn't want to disappoint my dad so of course I started looking for a job but I decided to look for jobs that wouldn't require me to work full time. It worked really well for me but I just feel like I'm happier when I'm blogging or editing photos for Instagram and stuff like that. I admit it took me months to figure out what I really wanted to do and the pressure from my parents did not help at all. Although my boyfriend was really supportive and he was actually there to help me lay out a plan and figure out what I really want.


After months of contemplating, I've finally decided to do blogging full time and address all my attention, time and energy to what I really love the most. Blogging has always been a way for me to connect to my inner self, a way to reflect and relax. It may not look like it but I consider blogging as a way to relax my mind. Just sharing my overflowing thoughts, typing them all down as if I'm talking to someone I've known for a long time makes me feel safe and secure. This blog has brought me amazing opportunities and I believe that with hard work and passion, there's more to come. I may not earn hundreds of thousands for now but at least I'm happy with what I'm doing and I get to enjoy my life, writing and wandering.

Photo set by Pocholo Mendoza

Sunnies from KOMONO | Jeans from Freshgear Jeans | Watch from Fossil

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