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When it comes to finding the perfect place for hang outs, I love going to restaurants with a chill and comfy vibe. I eat a lot so a place where they serve huge servings and scrumptious dishes is always a must too!
Last Sunday I was invited to try out Grind Bistro with a bunch of old and new friends. :) I truly enjoyed the company and most especially all the food they served!!!









My favorite dish is the Nutty black chicken. It's very flavorful and the chicken is tender and the sweet chili glaze was delicious. I also liked the sliders (hehe) and the poke nachos! The steak was extraordinary and they cooked it just the way I like it. I didn't try the salmon because I don't eat fish unless it's raw/japanese food AKA sashimi and sushi. :D But Charlene & my brother Tim liked it, they said it almost melts in your mouth! Just wow. Speaking of melting in your mouth, I also enjoyed the grilled cheese! Yum! 


Grind Bistro is actually a very nice place to spend your Sunday brunch or an early dinner with your friends and family. They also serve alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks! I got the Fresh Ripe Mango Shake and Charlene tried the chocolate flavored Martini. (Side note: it was only around 4pm and Charlene was already drinking Martini.....LOL!) Since Charlene and I are certified Matcha Green Tea obsessed individuals, of course we had to try their very own Matcha Green Tea Frappe. It was pretty good though I didn't get the strong Matcha green tea flavor that I always 
long for. Oh, and I also tried their sangria! :) It was okay for me but I think others found the flavor too strong.

I was too full to even eat the desserts but they smelled and looked so good!!!





For all american comfort food and casual dining, Grind Bistro is really a good place to visit. :)
My happy tummy rate is 8/10!

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