Your Lips Are Moving


Soft lustrous lips using Sooper Beaute Lip & Cheek Lacquer

It's pretty obvious that I talk a lot and I like smiling in the camera. My lips is one of the things that I focus on because it gets easily dry and it shows when I'm either talking or smiling. I hate having chapped lips because I tend to bite my lip until it bleeds. *Gross #TMIalert :D And that's why it's very important to me to use lip products that doesn't have too much chemicals so it wouldn't make my lips dry and ugly. :) I've been using different Sooper Beaute products since last Summer when they sent me a box full of make up. And yes, it felt like Christmas time in Summer. :p I like their Lip & Cheek Lacquer because it's a high shine lip gloss that makes my lips appear plumper and lustrous with a sexy, sleek finish. It can also be worn alone or on top of your favorite Matte lipstick! My favorite matte lipstick as of the moment is the Sooper Beaute  So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy in Canopus and I match it with the Lip & Cheek Lacquer in shade Juno to achieve that Kylie Jenner inspired lips. :)



"It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul"


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