Crowning Glory By CocoWig


I've had a friend who's been bullied in high school because she insisted on wearing a wig during class. I guess it's because she's always been the type of who loves to sport different looks everyday and I felt sorry that she was bullied because of that. Good thing my best friend was really kind and strong so she stood up for our friend and called out those people bullying her. It was so terrible and horrifying. I believe that it's time for us to accept wigs like the way we've accepted using hair extensions. I don't see anything wrong with wearing wigs and trying to look for a beautiful hair style. After all, it is our crowning glory. Similar to wearing different outfits, I think it's safe to say that wigs can also be a part of our style. For me, people who wear wigs are the ones who are confident, strong and independent because it takes a lot of courage to be able to wear one.

I've always wanted to achieve a Hollywood kind of hair, similar to Kylie Jenner's long black locks. Since my hair is naturally straight, it's really a hassle for me to style it everyday. Most girls use hair extensions but why don't we give wigs a try? :) Cocowig offers a wide array of natural and beautifully crafted hair wigs that we can use very easily. These wigs are perfect for Halloween Parties, costumes parties & more! Now, we can rock the perfect hairstyle without having to spend too much money since the wigs from Cocowig are very affordable and convenient.

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