Holy Communion Dress


Looking into gorgeous and exceptional holy communion dresses made me think about the future and how I want my own daughter to look like when she finally attends her holy communion ceremony, one of the most important Church ceremonies. 
When I had my first Holy Communion at my school, I was wearing a plain and simple white dress that my mother prepared for me for the ceremony. Since I was still a child when it happened, I didn't have the chance to pick out which kind of dress I want and opted to wear what my mother think would look good on me. Without second thoughts, I instantly jazz-ed up my look by wearing my favorite headband with a large bow in it but sadly, my teacher asked me to remove it since she believed it was too much for the ceremony. My mom made me wear cute little earrings too with matching necklace and bracelet.

To make things easier for us, SposaDress decided to create their own line of beautiful Holy Communion dresses. After asking a few friends who already have kids of their own, I've rounded up a few tips and tricks to make sure you get that perfect Holy Communion dress for your daughter. 

Tip #1 Consider the height of your child. The length is an important factor to consider when choosing any dress especially for occasions like this wherein your child would have to do a lot of walking. A perfect length of a child's dress would be two to three inches above her ankle so it wouldn't be hard for her to walk and decreases the chances of your daughter tripping when she runs or plays around.

Tip #2 Choose the fabric wisely. Children can be easily irritated and some fabric can cause rashes in their soft baby skin. When choosing the fabric for the dress, choose the one that your child would be most comfortable in. 

Tip #3 Pick the simple yet glamour design. Kids are always into beads, glitters and sequins. But it's important to choose a design that fits your daughter the most. Is she into princess-y dresses? Or something plain and subtle. You know your kid best so you could easily weigh in your options. Choose the dress that your kid will enjoy wearing and make her feel special on her first Holy Communion.

To complete her look, make sure to pop in a mini crown or some simple hand made jewellery for that special touch & sentimental touch. 

There are a lot of different First Holy Communion dresses so make sure to weigh your options very well and choose the perfect one for your child. And most importantly, make her feel special and loved by God on this special day.

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