My Top 5 Favorite Koreanovela


Aside from watching American tv shows and Filipino teleseryes, I love watching Koreanovelas too.

My love for asian film began when I was about 7 years old and I started watching Meteor Garden which by the way is a taiwanese drama that was adapted here in the Philippines by one of the country's leading TV channels. :) After that, everyone seemed to love watching asian dramas and I was one of them.

I am a hopeless romantic and I am a sucker for romantic comedy films and series. I could binge watch a whole series & finish it in less than a week. I remember during Valentine's day 2014, I spent the whole day watching Princess Hours and only left the house when it's finally time to go out and drink with my friends. Lol. :D So if you are a Koreanovela lover like me or haven't watched any Korean drama you're entire life then here's my top 5 Favorite Koreanovela and I hope you find inspiration from them too as much as I did. I hope you never stop believing in love and the goodness of life. :) Kilig is the best feeling in the world and I hope to share it with you through this list of kilig much K-dramas!

  1. Princess Hours, 2006 - My dream of becoming a modern Princess started because of Princess Hours. The story of a simple and outgoing girl living a normal life with her family until one day the royal family of South Korea revealed that she is destined to be the Crown Princess! The story is really cute, funny and at the same time heart breaking and will really make you cry a bucket full of tears. The ending was really pleasant and something to look forward to. The kilig moments of Shin Chae-Kyeong and Crown Prince Lee Shin is so adorable and inspiring! 
  2. Boys Over Flowers, 2009 - Based from the popular Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango. This k-drama is truly filled with kilig, cuteness and laughter!! Lee Min Ho is so gorgeous and there was a part of me that secretly wished that F4 was real. :p Who else fell in love with Lee Min Ho because of Boys Over Flowers?? Comment below!
  3. Crazy Love, 2013 - This one is a real tear jerker! All the hardships, the pain and the heart breaks are totally relatable! A woman who was stuck in a marriage and was cheated on by her husband and a man who was stuck in sad and lonely marriage with a woman he's not completely in love with. A story of pain, heart ache, timing and faith. 
  4. Fated to love You, 2014 - This k-drama made me wanna believe that Fairytales do come true and even if things don't end up the way you want them to, life can still surprise you. :)
  5. Descendants of the Sun, 2016 - This is by far, the best k-drama that made me cry and smile all through out!! I can't even explain how moving and inspiring the story was and it really stands the test of time, distance and pain. Captain Yoo Si-jin aka the "Big Boss" is so dreamy, romantic and utterly cute!!! And of course, Doctor Kang Mo-yeon is so beautiful and seems like she doesn't age at all. This love story is one of the best I've ever seen and I still can't get over how nicely filmed and written it was.


Now that's it for my top 5 Favorite Koreanovela. What better way to show my appreciation than to post a Korean inspired outfit. From watching tons of k-dramas, I've come to realize that Korean girls love pastel colors too as much as I do and they love accessorizing with cute and dainty pieces which goes very well with their overall look and style.



Let me know what's your favorite k-drama, I'd love to watch it too! And if you like personal posts like this, please comment below and suggest more things that you'd like me to share as my Top 5 Favorites!

Photos by Pocholo Mendoza

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  1. You look amazing with that causal look. Love your long and thin legs. That pink dress is cute. It just looks like my pink bridesmaid dresses