Newest Cutie in Town


Everyone's lovin' the Burger King Chicken Fries, the newest cutie in town!


Arriving late in a food event is my worst nightmare. Almira and I have struggled to go from places to places because of the crazy traffic in the Metro! Driving from Marikina to Greenhills on a Wednesday afternoon did not help our situation. Yet again, the world has proven that food can always, alwaaaays make our mood better. I couldn't get enough of Burger King's Chicken Fries, a finger sized snack that's fit for a King or in my case, a (self proclaimed) Queen. :p

If your crush pops on your mind when you mention the word cutie, my kind of cutie comes in a yellow box filled with  tender, crispy and tasty chicken strips that comes with my choice of dip - maple syrup! Plus apple juice and Hershey's Mud Pie, now THAT is heaven! :p


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