Touch Of Pink


My second time to attend a Blogger's ball this year.
 The night of E! Bloggers Ball, a night dedicated to all influencers and bloggers in the Philippines. Having a few friends in the beauty industry really does have its perks - I made a reservation at the Beauty Lounge just a couple of days before the ball and had my gown picked up a week before. With all the make up products I've received lately and a bunch of Youtube tutorial videos, I have successfully done my own make up. 

I was in dire need of a statement piece to match my gown. I decided to visit SM Aura just 16 hours before the ball. After casually entering each and every store, I found a sartorial piece that is more than perfect to wear for the ball - a pink fur vest.


Fur Vest from Forever 21 | Gown by Patricia Syquiatco

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