Christmas Brunch

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It's one of my traditions to spend the day before and the day after Christmas with my best friends. We've always spent each Holiday together and I love that no matter how busy we may all seem, we still can make time to see each other on the most important celebrations. It's just quite different this year because we opted to have a nice dinner dinner before Christmas and a wonderful Brunch after Christmas day instead of drinking and partying. I guess we're all starting to grow up after all.

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Being a brunch person that I am, I instantly ordered a tall cup of Frappucino, Vanilla Macadamia to be exact. And a plate of Bacon & Mushroom Pasta in white sauce. Yum! Hours were spent catching up and having a meaningful conversation with the people who are truly dear to my heart.

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I love Brunch so much that I would be more than willing to make a review of restaurants who have sumptuous breakfast food. How do you guys like that idea? Tell me in the comments below if you want that kind of review! :)

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