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Blog x Instagram GIVEAWAY!!


2017 has been really good to me so far and I'd like to share some of my blessings to (of course) my lovely and precious readers. I haven't thanked you guys enough for being so supportive and for constantly reading my blog posts and articles, I still get hits from my 2013 to 2014 posts and I couldn't be any more (embarrassed) thankful. LOL. :)

So I think we should start off our 2017 with a lot of good stuff right? :) That's why I am hosting a blog x Instagram giveaway and ONE (1) Precious Reader/Follower will win the following:

  • Farm Stay Cleansing Foam
  • Boryeong Mud Cosmetics Mud Mask
  • Aroma Resort Hand Cream
  • Skin White Power Whitening Soap
  • Sooper Beaute Blur Cream Primer Foundation
And all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVRPxKZ7b-JcjM1DKHaOE9Q
  2. Follow me on Instagram: @tesletelandotcom
  3. Follow me on Twitter: @tesletee
  4. Tag 5 friends on the comment section of my Instagram post + comment your Youtube Name & Twitter username: 
  5. Comment 'DONE' on this blog post.
For additional points:
- Add me on Snapchat: tesletee then put your Snapchat name on the comment section down below.
- Follow @SooperBeaute & @BoryeongMudCosmetics on Instagram
- Share this blog post on your Facebook profile!

No fake profiles or dummy/contest accounts! I will be checking your entries one by one to be fair. :) Happy Friday the 13th and good luck! :)

Contest runs from today until January 23, 2017. 

I See The Light


Since I have been busy re-decorating my room, I figured why not put beautiful and unique pieces like this lamp to make my room less girly and more interesting. When I got this lamp my brother instantly asked if he could have it but of course being the annoyingly selfish sister that I am, I declined. He insisted that the lamp doesn't fit me nor my room but I think it's just way too awesome and so I decided to keep it for myself and display it on top of my work desk. The lamp comes handy whenever I feel like imagining things at night and at times when I pretend to be a sci-fi type of person and drown myself into watching Sci-Crime series as if I am Nancy Drew. It also comes in handy whenever I want to just lay down and think about my future. The lamp gives me that hopeful feeling that one day I'd realize what it is that I really want in life and who I'd really want to become. 

And now it just shows how talkative I am, creating one paragraph just by explaining what a lamp can do to me. Wow. 

As I've mentioned in the first part of my article, I've been re-decorating my room (you also might have seen a post on my Instagram - @tesletelandotcom *shameless plug HA!) And if you guys are thinking of a new design for your space, may it be a work space, your room, your entire house or condo, Mood Board Manila can do that for you! They have a great portfolio and I've seen lots of pictures of their work so you should consider them if you want a new look for your space this 2017! New year, new design! :)