L'OREAL Infallible Make Up Review

I've always wondered how celebrities and models manage to not look oily and haggard despite being on the go, working and smiling all day. It was always something that I had to deal with - oily & haggard looking face. There were  A LOT of times when I had to go to three or more events in one day and it was completely exhausting but I never mind because it was so much fun! The only problem is, when I have a lot of events in a day, plus of course outfit shoots outside (most of the time, under the sun), I tend to get extra oily, my make up fades and it just doesn't look so fresh anymore. I always end up looking like I ran a marathon or something. My foundation is all smudged, my eye shadow melts, my eye liner and mascara are all over my under eyes and it's not a pretty sight to see when you're almost always surrounded by other bloggers and media personalities. 

I watch too many Youtube make up tutorials and I learned how to do my make up but it's just really hard for me to find products that would work well with my skin type. Lately, I've been experimenting with different make up and skin care products to test out what might work for me. One of my first few collaborations this 2017 has brought me by far the best solution for my skin! The L'Oreal Infallible! When I first got these items, I instantly tried them out because I'm really excited to write a review about it since it's new.

The items I got are the following:

Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation (Golden Beige) - This product is PERFECT for people who have oily skin. I have been using this product and it really stays in place, it doesn't melt down and it's completely matte. I put this on in the morning usually around 10 AM (I normally leave the house around 11 AM because that's the time when the roads are bearable and there's not much traffic). And I noticed that even after 5-6 hours, my skin still looks flawless. I think the coverage is just fine though, like medium coverage since I still set it with the L'Oreal Pro Matte Pressed Powder. I like how it stays on my skin perfectly. So far, I don't have any problem with this product. I highly recommend it for people with oily skin problems like me.

Infallible Pro Spray and Set - I've been meaning to buy a setting spray since last month but I always, ALWAYS forget about it when I'm in the mall. This is the first setting spray that I've tried on my face and I love it. It's a big help to make sure the make up lasts. The spray is really nice, it smells okay and not harsh on the skin.

Infallible Pro Matte Powder - This has become one of my favorite powders of all time. It feels so light on the skin, it compliments my imperfections and generally hides all the visible fine lines on my forehead. I love the super duper matte finish and it really feels soft on my face. It feels like I'm not wearing any make up AT ALL.

The L'Oreal Lipsticks that I got really compliments my fair skin tone. The scent is wonderful, it has a creamy and a bit glossy feature when you glide it on your lips but it turns into a nice matte after a while. It sets nicely on the lips, it doesn't make my lips chap nor dry.

All in all I love the Infallible collection of L'Oreal. I'm a huge fan of the brand ever since I started doing my own make up and for me, this is by far the nicest products that I've tried from L'Oreal. :)

If you have other questions about the products please tweet me at @tesletee


  1. Love the infallible collection. That last lipstick is such a pretty color!