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One of my New Year's resolution is to invest on good skin and to use organic & healthy products. I've been trying to put less make up even during events and shoots so my skin can breathe more especially since the weather has been extra cold and I've been putting moisturizer all day just so my skin won't dry that much.

My main skin problem is having visible pores on my T zone area and when most days they're easy to cover up, there are just some annoying times when they're more visible than ever. I've always wanted to achieve that Pore-free Make Up look and there was a time when I was really frustrated because I bought tons of products but they just didn't work that much for me.

I received these Pore-free skin essentials from Sooper Beaute and I tried them right away for two reasons:
  1. To review and share the details on my blog.
  2. To actually try it out and to know if it'll work wonders on my face.

Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation
Php 360

First off, the packaging is really cute in its own way. I love the easy to open cap but when I opened it the product content is all over the cap since it has a smooth, soft and jelly like texture. The smell is okay, it smells like the normal primer. :) I apply this product using a Foundation brush since I don't have a beauty blender yet (if you have suggestions on where to buy preferably a good but affordable one please comment down below!). Once you apply the product on your face, I noticed that it evens out small dark spots on my skin. It has a matte finish and it's really easy to blend. It minimizes the visibility of pores and other skin imperfections. 

Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream
Php 100

Same packaging with the Blur Cream, the product content was all over the bottle cap too but it was okay probably it was just because of the delivery. :) This one has lesser scent than the Blur Cream though. And the texture is more refined and thick. It's quite hard to blend it since it dries up fast so my tip is to blend it out evenly and as quick as you can. I have a combination of oily and dry skin (weird!) so this one helps a lot since it mattifies oily skin and dries up to a powdery finish. It also contains SPF 20 just like the Blur Cream which makes it the best option if you want a lighter product for everyday use. I think this product is only available on one shade and it always turns out whiter than I expected so I apply a pressed powder to balance out the color. 

I also got the Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipstick in the shade Lyra (costs Php 330) which is a nice flattering color for any one. :) The formula isn't as creamy as I expected but it's still easy to blend and dries to a soft, shine free finish.

Here's my Poreless Beauty look using Sooper Beaute's Blur Cream Primer Foundation and Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream plus So Matte Lipstick in Lyra.

If you want me to review and try out other products for you, please email me at: or comment down below! :)

Sooper Beaute

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