Tips On How To Take Care of Your Skin At Any Age


Skin care has been one of my obsessions for the past year and while everyone just seem to love going to the Derma clinic and having everything instantly removed, injected or laser-ed. I prefer to do things the old fashion way. Mainly because of a single reason, I can't afford to go to a Dermatologist or to an Aesthetic clinic. I can't splurge for my beauty regimen too much so I always opt to find a cheaper solution.

My passion for everything healthy and organic has also become more of a lifestyle than just an interest. I switched from normal products to healthier ones and I even read labels, reviews and watch videos just to make sure I was buying the right product for me.

After years of testing and trying out different skin care products, I found a few that works well for my skin type. Not only did I get clearer and smoother skin, I also got rid of my pimple marks (the ones I had when I was in college. Eugh!) I've always wanted to share my skin care routine because I think it might help you guys out to discover what might or might not work for your skin type too but I never really got the chance to film a video for it so I'm writing an article instead.

Taking care of my skin more is honestly one of my New Year's resolution (second to losing weight!). And here are some of the tips that I've gathered from other people (ie. My Mom's amigas, Aunties, friends, even bloggers too!) and of course, my own experience.

See before we get to the exciting part, I just want to explain my skin type and whatnot. I have a combination of dry and oily skin. Although most days, I'm particularly oily. That's kind of confusing. And I was born with fair skin, specifically if we have a scale 1 being the lightest and 10 being the darkest I'm probably in between like 6 or 7. And because I really wanted to learn a lot about skin care, I researched and even asked the ladies from drug stores and department stores (make up & skin care area) about certain products and their effects because I know a lot of these ladies have been to different seminars and trainings, I tried to gather as much information as I could and write them down on my planner so I can create a blog post about it.

Before anything else, I wrote down my concerns about my skin on my old planner. I tried to research about each concern and looked for certain products that contains the minerals that my skin needs for each concern that I have. After buying the products that I think would help me, I started using them and kept track of it using my old planner. I wrote which worked and which didn't, the effects that each product had, and every information I could get from trying out the products.

After what seemed like forever, I finally discovered the skin care items that works best for my skin type. But to take care of your skin, at any age, whether you're 21 or 50, there are certain activities that we tend to forget or skip thinking that products might just save the day. One thing I learned from going through the process and wanting to improve my skin, it will not be easy. You have to be patient, consistent and committed.

First product that I'm gonna share is from Boryeong Mud Cosmetics, these are the lotion and toner which I use twice a day. I apply the lotion after I shower (day & night) and I use the toner in the morning after washing my face and at night, also after washing my face. I noticed that it has healed some dark spots (actually, I think they were like tiny wounds or something) on my legs and arms. And my face and neck looked fairer and I noticed that my skin color is lighter. The lotion smells really nice and the toner has its own mild and light scent too. Their scents are not too overpowering. They also contain Mud Water and has 5% sea silt extract (as seen in the bottle) which means they have the right nutrients for the skin. Based from my research, sea silt contains minerals, purifying clays and trace elements all of which have been proven to provide numerous health benefits for the skin.

Another tip is to not be so scared to step out under the sun. We all know Sun provides Vitamin D the "sunshine vitamin". You see, one of my skin care mistakes is that back then, I was too scared to go out because of the sun. I thought hiding from it would make my skin lighter and undamaged. But I was wrong, it's totally okay to step out under the sun to get that Vitamin D that our body actually needs. The sun is at its highest around noon so its best to go out and get your sunshine vitamin in the morning but you don't have to stay out there too long! A good 10-15 minutes a day would be fine and healthy. :)

The most important thing is to eat right. Mindful eating is one of the best tips I could ever give. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables out there that could help you get a clearer and healthier skin. Skip the oily and fatty food which causes a lot of skin problems and break outs. Drink plenty of water and take Vitamin C that'll help A LOT. If you consume the right amount of water in a day, you'll notice that your skin is fairly and naturally moisturized, you'll look radiant and your lips won't chap too!

And because the number one reason why I don't go to Dermas is because of monetary issues (HAHA hello Daddy, I hope you're reading this! See, I'm a responsible young woman now). I have to do things by myself, meaning I pamper myself through masks that I can use at home. The Boryeong Mud Mask is really easy and convenient to use. I do this twice a month sometimes thrice if I'm bored or stressed. One thing I love about this mud mask is that when I rinse the product off my face, I notice that some imperfections (ie. black heads and some ugly, tiny oil plugs) on my face are completely gone. It washes off along with the product. I also know for a fact that it's really effective for those who have skin problems like my Grandmother, she uses the Boryeong Mud Mask once a week plus she uses the Boryeong Mud Soap everyday and it has healed her burns and lightened her scars.

A key to a healthy body is a healthy mind so refrain from overthinking and get rid of stress. Instead, reflect on the positive things that are happening or may happen in your life. Think happy thoughts and relax. :)

I hope I was able to help you guys out a little and please note that I am not an expert, I'm only writing these recommendations based on my personal experiences. :)

For more thorough information about Boryeong Mud products, you may visit their social media sites and send them a private message.

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