Book Review: Broken Mirror

I spent my Valentine's day with a bunch of bloggers and media friends for the launch and book reading of Broken Mirror. A story about a woman named Aurora, who is trapped inside a traditional Filipino-Chinese marriage. Her story is filled with revelations in regards with being a half Filipino and half Chinese individual.

The first few chapters of the book made me cringe and cry my eyes out. It was too much for me so I stopped reading for a while, I never thought people could go through so much pain that it'd break your heart just by reading their stories.

I found the book utterly interesting and I'm happy that I've read it because it opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't know was happening especially since I was raised in a traditional Filipino family (conservative, Christ centered and very close to each other). Although I also had bits of ideas about Fil-Chi families because I have a lot of Chinoy friends, including my boyfriend but to my defense, while I was reading the book I was honestly thanking the heavens that my boyfriend isn't the type of person who follows traditions or norms. He hates it actually. So yay! :p

If you're even going to read this book, I recommend having a roll of tissue with you and make sure you have a very open mind because some details might be too much to handle. :)

All in all, I loved the book. The story is very captivating and you'll also see how much love a person can give even when they're so broken inside.

Broken Mirror is available at selected Fully Booked branches nationwide. Grab your copy now!

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