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Aside from having a solid skin care routine, getting fit and living healthy are also a part of my New Year's Resolution. Now it might be a month late to say this but I consider January as my 'Free Trial Month' and I promise to take things seriously starting today, February 1. :p

I know for a fact that getting back in shape just sounds easy but it actually takes a lot of preparation and determination. One must have a proper mindset and a strong self-discipline to sustain their fitness journey. What makes us feel more alert, motivated and optimistic than having to smell a really nice charismatic and energetic aroma. My favorite brand of scents, as you all know, is FAVORI scents and one of the many reasons why I love this brand is because they understand each feeling that everyone needs to develop a better well being. They know that scents can help a person get a clear and positive mindset and that it is truly important for people to live a healthy lifestyle which actually served as FAVORI's inspiration to launch a Wellness inspired product line. They aim to help anyone improve themselves from within.

FAVORI launched the Wellness product line which include Air Sprays that are designed to make daily activities feel more energizing and inspiring. They also have Salves which help to calm the inner self for better relaxation and peace of mind plus they also have Massage Oils for a very soothing and delicate rub down.

I must say the Sleep & Relaxation Salve helps a lot at night when I can't sleep. The scent gives me a calming and soothing feel that helps my mind to relax and be at peace.

For more informarion about FAVORI products, visit their social media sites.

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