iAcademy 15 Years & Beyond

If I didn't take up Psychology in La Salle and Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of the Philippines, I think I would've taken up Multi Media Arts because I feel like I can really get into it. One of the schools that offers great programs is iAcademy. It was established in 2002, with the goal of reinventing education in the Philippines by offering specialized and exemplary programs that can cater the fast paced work industry. iAcademy leaders are driven by their commitment to develop the technical and creative skills of their students, mainly to further enhance their abilities and skills, and to sustain a good contribution to our community's growth.

On their 15th year, iAcademy celebrated through an innovative and creative event that showcases the talents and skills of their students. I witnessed a lot of inspiring and heart warming creations by students  just a few years younger than me. Just wow. I had the chance to get a glimpse of iAcademy's President who told a very moving and inspiring story about why they decided to build the school.

Winner of the Logo Making Contest.

Different booths during the event entitled Cosmic.

I was in awe when they started playing their award winning films, especially the film Yolanda which won Best Student Film in the International Film Festival in New York.

iAcademy's 15th Year Anniversary - Cosmic, was such a success! Congratulations to all the head, school staff, students and of course everyone who took part of this amazing event.


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