My Vday Letter to the Single Ladies Out There


Hmmm, it's that time of the year where your relationship status is being fully rubbed on your face. I must say, I used to hate Valentine's day too. Growing up, I envied girls who receives chocolates, paper flowers, sometimes if they're too lucky they'd get a single rose wrapped in a small plastic with hearts printed on it. I envied families who goes out for dinner, back then my Dad was too busy so we always opted for either take outs or fast food deliveries. Of course, there's the tv shows and movies filled with romance, cheesy rom coms were being played in almost every channel. A few years back, I hated Valentine's probably just as much as you do or I think even worse. Now, you're probably gonna say 'oh she's got a boyfriend, she's got a Valentine so she's happy and she's writing this love letter bullcrap to tell us how happy she is". Well, yes that's true that I am in a relationship but that is not the point of this blog post.

The point of this blog post is to remind you that this is just another 24 hours in your life. It might be filled with corny decorations or cringe worthy movies and shows, but at the end of the day. This too shall pass. Don't dwell on the pain of your past if there's any. I learned the hard way, a few years back I spent the worst Valentine's Day ever. I locked myself in my room, watched K-drama (Princess Hours marathon!) and cried all afternoon. Until I realized that I didn't have to cry just because it's Valentine's day. Only the pathetic ones do that. So I showered, I got dressed, I put on make up and I fixed my hair. I delivered Valentine's gifts to my Single friends. I think you already know what I'm going to say next - YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND THIS DAY ALONE. So just like what my life icon Blair Waldorf would do when she's single on Valentine's Day, I decided to throw a party. My friends came even with their bf/gf. I invited everyone that I care about and they were all glad to spend this day altogether. It was the most memorable Valentine's day for me and I realized that every year, with or without a boyfriend, I'll make sure that I get to enjoy this day because Valentine's isn't just for people who's in a relationship or people who has been asked out for a V-date. It's also for the people like us, the soldiers of love. People who has so much love to give. People who has given so much love. Regardless if you've been single for a long time or you've just been dumped, or maybe you don't have anyone to celebrate this day with. You gotta get your ass up girl, wear a nice outfit, put on your best and get out there! Have some fun. Bring a book and drink coffee or tea at your local coffee shop. Have some nice lunch or invite your girlfriends and enjoy Happy Hour. Do something that would make you utterly and completely happy today!

This is OUR day. Single or not. :) Everyone should celebrate because THIS IS THE DAY OF LOVE. And we all have love in our hearts. This is for us. :)

Here are some things I'd personally do if I were single and these ideas might help you figure out what you might wanna do today too!

  • Eat breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. 
  • Invite my girlfriends for:
  1. Brunch
  2. Girls Day Out (window shopping, watch a movie, get our nails done etc.)
  3. Happy Hour (keep calm, chill & have a margarita.)
  4. Have a Slumber party the whole day (binge watch some movies preferably the ones we all haven't seen before. eat comfort food, sing, dance, whatever that'll make us laugh.)
  5. Throw a party for all of our barkada/friends.
  • If you got work then go to work, eat a nice lunch, watch funny baby videos during break to make you happy. ;)
  • Invite people over for dinner.
  • If you have no one to invite, here are some things you can do
  1. Go to a museum/park.
  2. Watch a movie alone.
  3. Visit a bookstore and read some books that you're interested in.
  4. Go to a salon.
  5. If you're on a tight budget then you can go to the grocery store, get some easy to cook meal ideas, go home & cook for yourself. Watch reality tv shows or Nat Geo. Stay away from Rom-Coms if you're a sucker like me, we don't wanna end up crying. :)
  6. Binge watch Sex and the City/ Jane the Virgin/ Awkward/ Santa Clarita Diet
There are so many things you can do to enjoy this day. Just be creative, think of something fun, whatever that'll make you happy. JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU'RE ALWAYS SAFE OKAY.

I love you, go crazy! Eat that damn chocolate cake if you have to.

And don't you ever stop believing, have faith.


  1. i wish i was alone =( my kids have no concept of alone whatsoever. then my hubby came back and wish that he was alone too... parenthood really destroys romance

    1. Hello Ailyn! :) You are more than lucky to have your husband and your children to spend Valentine's day (and everyday) with. Enjoy and have a great year! <3