Penshoppe Summer Destination


Shopping Party at the biggest and newly opened flagship store of Penshoppe at UP Town Center.
Being one of the most loved Filipino brands, Penshoppe has done it again with making the market crave for more. Their newly launched designs are cooler than ever! I was surprised with the amount of hippie and trendy pieces that I saw from their collection. It definitely felt like we were in the Hunger Games, except we were all looking for stylish clothes that fits us the most (stocks were a bit tight because of the amount of people during the event so we had to grab and hold onto what we think might be good on us!). Lol. Although the line at the fitting room were incredibly long, I couldn't help but join the bandwagon since I got a pair of jeans that needs to be fitted. :p Surprisingly, the line wasn't that bad and I actually enjoyed myself in the process of waiting in line for my turn. I got to exchange conversations with other influencers and models, even. It was such a refreshing moment since I mostly talk to bloggers and we'd often talk about anything under the blogging world so it was quite astonishing to be able to chat with people from a slightly different industry.

After a couple of hours picking out stuff, these were the five items that made the cut:
  • Crop Button Down Top
  • Plain Gray Shirt
  • Pair of Slightly Ripped Jeans
  • Pair of White Ripped Shorts
  • Baby Cologne

I got the gray shirt because the fabric is super nice, I love how it fits me and I can imaging myself overusing this shirt because of its versatility and the color can be easily matched with almost anything.

I've been meaning to buy a new pair of white shorts that I can use for the summer. And this one is really perfect because it fits me well and I like the overall design.

It was my friend, Aggy who recommended this top to me. As we were strolling around the store looking for pieces to try on, we stumbled upon this cute crop button down top and she insisted that I get it because it's in my size and she said it fits my style well. I realized when I was trying it on that I could use it for the summer  and I can also use this top for casual events. Such a good deal!

I didn't take a photo of the jeans yet because I'm planning to use it for my next OOTD so stay tuned for that! :) The jeans looks really good when worn and I've been raving about it to all my blogger friends because I'm so happy I got my perfect pair.

Overall, the shopping party was fun and I wouldn't miss it for the world. It was a great time to connect and enjoy while doing what we do best, shopping! :)

It'd be a great bonding experience for you and your barkada too so visit Penshoppe at UP Town Center now and have the summer time of your lives!