Third Times A Charm

Our lowkey third Anniversary
Giles and I didn't actually plan anything for our Anniversary this year since we are going on a beach trip for his birthday. I still wanted to surprise him and get him a gift so I rushed to the grocery store and got some of his favorite comfort food. The wooden basket from one of my events came in handy! :p We visited the church where his Mom is peacefully resting since it's also her first death anniversary. 

Outfit details:
Shirt from Penshoppe

We had brunch at our usual spot and we just talked for hours and hours! The sun was so bright and beautiful, such a lovely day! :)

For dinner, we went to the Old Spaghetti House. Giles had pasta and I had the rice with spare ribs (tasted like Adobo!!!) Dinner went well except we were so full after eating the snacks that I got for him so we both had to go through an intense tummy ache for a while.

Giles fell in love with our new camera just as much as I did! He kept taking photos of random things but honestly I think he was just practicing his camera skills because he knows I'll be bugging him to take photos of me even more than I did before. :p

This is one of his shots using the Canon EOS M10, I love the bokeh background and how clear the quality of the photo is. :)

I'm so happy with how we celebrated our anniversary this year, it's like we've been more connected to each other and I feel a sense of comfort and ease knowing that I get to spend three years (and counting) with the person who just GETS IT. :)

All photos taken using Canon EOS M10 and edited using VSCO.

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